In the field of structured cabling, you benefit from products that establish connections between the server room, via the floor distributor, right up to the individual workstations.






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Depending on the requirements and needs of
the data network we offer you 3 different solutions.








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Fibre optic cabling in the primary and secondary sector / copper cabling in the tertiary sector.

Fiber Optic Installation Cables

Primary and Secondary Sector

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Copper cabling in the secondary and tertiary sector.

  • Twisted Pair Installation Cable
  • Modulare Connection Technology (Keystone Components)
  • Fixed Connection Technology (IDC Components)
  • Consolidation Point Solutions
  • Patch Panel

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Fibre optic cabling in the secondary and tertiary sector.

Fiber Optic Splice Box
  • Fiber Optic Installation Cable (Uni-Tube or Multi-Tube)
  • Fiber Optic Connection Technology (Fiber Optic Components)
  • Consolidation Point Solutions
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cord

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Main Topic:
4PPoE Remote Powering

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Keystone Module



With the four-pair remote power supply, 4PPoE, and the power supply with 860 mA per copper wire as well as 72 W capacity at the end device, the copper cabling link serves as a medium for data transmission and communication (IP protocol).

The copper wires are also used for power supply of the end devices according to the new industry standard IEEE802.3bt-2018 Type4, although shielded components with a large wire cross-section (at least AWG 22/1) must be used to prevent power loss (cable heating and cable ageing).

The data cable of category 7A (DK-1743-A-VH) as well as the CAT 6A keystone module (DN-93619-24) and the CAT 6A patch cable (DK-1644-A) are best suited for this purpose.




CAT 8.I Kabel
Patch cablle


Focus Topic:
CAT 8.I for your Sustainable Backbone and LAN Cabling


Category 8 cables have so far mainly been used for cabling within data centers and achieve four times the transmission speed compared to CAT 6A cables. A typical data center application is ToR (Top of Rack, direct link between server and switch) and MoR (Middle of Row, 2-connector link between two cabinets) cabling.
The DIGITUS® CAT 8.I components are also designed for the 4PPoE standard and
can supply power to the end devices if required.



Shielded twisted pair cables, which can transmit 25 or 40 Gigabit, are used for this purpose.
Due to the shielding, the cabling is better protected against external electromagnetic interference.

Category 8.I components are backwards compatible with category 6A cables and the RJ45 connector standard.
















Server cabinet


The Category 8.I copper cabling components of DIGITUS® transmit up to 40 Gigabit per second (24 m) in the Permanent Link over the backbone cabling of the data center. In addition, the copper cabling components transmit 25 Gigabit per second (50 m) in the Permanent Link in accordance with TR 11801 (9909), and thus represent the future-oriented trend for LAN cabling in buildings.



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