The whole world of cables. Our range of cables is divided clearly into two quality classes and easy to compare. The cable classes Basic and Classic are directed towards various target groups and can meet their needs completely.

 You can trust in our production expertise.

We have enjoyed success in product development for 45 years and are at home all over the world. Our goal: To surprise our customers time and again with reliable and sustainable solutions. Technological innovations and future security are features that characterize our products.

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We have cables available for the following areas:
    • Audio / Video
    • Computer
    • Patch cables
    • Optical fibre cable
    • Telephony
    • Cable management

ASSMANN Cable Classes

The various levels of quality of ASSMANN cables at a glance. The cables for our brand DIGITUS® are available in the two classes Basic  and Classic. The products of these two classes differ with regard to price, quality, functions, the material used and design.

ASSMANN cable class BASIC

The cables of the class Basic guarantee all basic functions and are intended for a price-sensitive target group, while retaining guaranteed and tested quality. Materials are used for cables of this class which ensure a compatibility to set standards and specifications.


The classic cable class includes all standards on the market and fully meet specifications. Only high quality materials are used for production (e.g. copper), which guarantee full functionality in best quality.

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