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The ednet brand

Brand Logo of ednet.

The brand ednet is part of the ASSMANN group since July 2012. The consumer brand enjoys success in the German food retail sector, is established in Cash & Carry wholesale and has blanket coverage in Germany at retailers such as the EDEKA Group or FEGRO/SELGROS Cash & Carry GmbH & Co. ednet products are also listed at amazon.de and are turning into real bestsellers.

ednet can provide you with helpful and amazing products. The ednet team has fun with its products and is constantly in search of new, fresh ideas.

Moreover, ednet offers smart solutions for your workplace and has become a leading European provider of computer accessories. In terms of price, ednet products are at the entry level.

The ednet product groups
    • Multimedia
    • Computer and notebook accessories
    • Input and output devices
    • Office supplies
    • Audio equipment


More information about ednet and endet products can be found here.

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