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ASSMANN Management

  • Karola Bode
    Assmann Electronic GmbH managing director Karola Bode
  • Stephan Assmann
    Assmann Electronic GmbH managing director Stephan Assmann

ASSMANN Philosophy

„Actually we just want to pack our products environmentally friendly and encourage trade by selling our products. The result from this fills me with pride.

In the past 20 years we have created a brand that is now available throughout the world.

Our employees support our customers already before purchasing through individual and personal consultation with extensive documentation, samples and help with our product portfolio. We advertise DIGITUS® with your customers and thus increase the level of awareness and acceptance of the brand. An excellent logistics concept and a fully automatic order processing via EDI ensure the fastest order processing the shipment of goods takes place generally within 24 hours.

This puts us in a position, in the manner of speaking, "at the touch of a button" to connect existing and new customers to our inventory monitoring system and the commodity management. An excellent margin situation of our products for the distribution and trade plays its part too.

We like to show you how we work for your success.“

Karola Bode, Stephan Assmann

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