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New apprentices - new skilled occupation - new instructors

[Translate to Englisch:] v.l.n.r.: 1. Reihe: Dabut Yilmaz, Kaan Güzelkeles, Nele Isabelle Hirsch; 2. Reihe: Josephine Biedermann, Agnieszka Malwina Kubik, Kevin Zelder; 3. Reihe hinten: Sabrina Babilon (Ausbilderin), Stephan Assmann (Geschäftsführer), Phil Penninger (Geschäftsführer). Es fehlt im Bild: Gürkan Ücer

We are pleased to welcome seven more trainees this year who will start their work lives on 2019-08-01 and thus become part of the ASSMANN Group:

    Mrs. Josephine Biedermann (Apprenticeship office management clerk + business studies)
    Mr. Kaan Güzelkeles (Trainee in wholesale and foreign trade)
    Mr. Kevin Zelder (Trainee in wholesale and foreign trade)
    Ms Agnieszka Malwina Kubik (Trainee in wholesale and foreign trade)
    Ms Nele Isabelle Hirsch (Trainee in wholesale and foreign trade)
    Mr. Gürkan Ücer (Trainee in E-Commerce)
    Mr Davut Yilmaz (Warehouse clerk)

This brings the current team of apprentices to 21, with whom we fulfil our training mandate.


New training occupation: e-commerce clerk

In order to continue to do justice to the advancing digitalization and increasing networking in the future, we are training merchants in eCommerce with immediate effect - a job with a future that makes the merchant in e-commerce the perfect interface between purchasing, advertising, sales, accounting, logistics, IT and, last but not least, the customer.

We have qualified Björn Segieth, eCommerce team leader, as a trainer for this and are pleased that we can train our first eCommerce merchant with Mr. Gürkan Ücer on 01.08.2019 and wish Gürkan an instructive and exciting training!

New trainers to further increase training quality

In addition, Alina Jahnke, who works in external logistics, and Kay Wolframm, who is responsible for central purchasing, have successfully passed their trainer aptitude test this spring and are strengthening the current trainer team around our Managing Director for Operations, Phil Penninger.

The trainers are deployed in a wide variety of areas and departments such as purchasing, external and internal logistics, sales, marketing, human resources and management.

In this way we create the basis for a varied, qualified and exciting range of training opportunities for different training occupations: You can find an overview of all training occupations here.

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