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Since 1st July 2009, the ASSMANN IT-Solutions AG is a member of ASSMANN group. For various manufacturers, we have started - and continued expansion of the business in Switzerland. We showed, despite the absence of more than 50% of the products we are able to increase sales and attract new trading partners. The decision to distribute only innovative and niche products, was the right step.

For us it is a must that each of our staff can advise clients and knows the products very well. In the area of networking, for example, we assist our clients in realizing projects and assist them in finding the best solution for their customer's premises. Unlike as many other IT distributors, we attach great importance to extensively test products prior to launch. Since our founding as an autonomous stock company we are ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

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The ASSMANN Group is a globally operating manufacturer of high-quality products for data network technology and network infrastructure. Today, both the German ASSMANN Electronic GmbH and the 11 international subsidiaries operate under the roof of ASSMANN Holding GmbH.
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