ASSMANN Electronic: Solution provider for data network technology with products of the established brand DIGITUS

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ASSMANN Electronic - The solution provider for data network technology with products from our established DIGITUS® brand for network technology, installation cables, computer components, video solutions and much more.

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Network Technology

1. Network Technology

Current IT trends such as cloud computing, Internet of Things or global digitization are placing ever higher demands on modern network technology. DIGITUS® offers individual solutions for all tasks within the field of network connection technology. Our products range from those based on copper connection technology, fiber optic connections through to high-quality industrial components.

Network & Installation Cables

2. Network and installation cables

The large bandwidth requirements of today's networks and the reliability against failure that required mean that data cables in buildings have to meet all the technical requirements of structured cabling. The use of the latest production technology guarantees the consistently high quality of our network cables. Well-known certification bodies and recognized testing laboratories certify the technical characteristics of our products.

Network & Server Racks

3. Network and server cabinets

Fully thought-out, quickly integrated and easy to assemble. DIGITUS® offers network cabinets for every application. From the compact 10-inch housing as a floor distributor and standard network cabinets for the server room through to complex and fully customized solutions for data centers.

Computer Cables

4. Computer cables

By and large, standardized device interfaces are found in the field of computer and consumer electronics. Nevertheless, new cables are required over and over again as a result of the new developments. DIGITUS® offers the complete product range, from connection cables in shipping-friendly plastic bag packaging through to professional video cables in sales-optimized retail packaging.

Computer Components

5. Computer components

DIGITUS® offers a multitude of clever solutions related to computing and the workplace. Our monitor holders and workstation upgrades improve ergonomics for the healthier use of screen-based workspaces. Modern mobile devices such as notebooks or tablets are connected to the rest of the IT world and charged using the DIGITUS® USB Type C docking stations and adapters.

Video Solutions

6. Video solutions

Digital signage products from DIGITUS® can be used to transfer digital information, advertising messages or infotainment centrally, quickly and effectively. The range of applications using modern video technology is almost limitless. Video walls and digital billboards require high-availability, networked connectivity for every distance and video standard. With us, you will find the perfect solution for your audio and video transmission requirements.

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