Safety & further training is a top priority

"What happens in the event of an unforeseen power failure in the forklift, when the colleague in the warehouse is in the high-bay forklift truck? How do I behave correctly and - more importantly - how do I get down from up there?"

It is said that the probability of remembering what you have learned is 20% what you hear and 30% what you see. Doing it yourself achieves a 90% success rate in applying what you have learned, which is why our colleagues not only received theoretical answers to their questions, but were allowed to help themselves. 

ASSMANN attaches great importance to safety and further training. For this reason we sent the employees of the high-bay warehouse at a height of xy metres and simulated a power failure of their forklift truck, so that they had to abseil. An exercise that everyone has mastered with flying colours and which will remain safely in your memory!

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