CAT 8.1 for your Sustainable Backbone
and LAN Cabling

Patch cablle

Category 8 cables have so far mainly been used for cabling within data centers and achieve four times the transmission speed compared to CAT 6A cables. A typical data center application is ToR (Top of Rack, direct link between server and switch) and MoR (Middle of Row, 2-connector link between two cabinets) cabling.
The DIGITUS® CAT 8.1 components are also designed for the 4PPoE standard and
can supply power to the end devices if required.

The patch cables from DIGITUS® are equipped with a molded anti-kink sleeve with strain relief. In addition, the sleeve has a locking lever protection which prevents kinking of the cables and breaking-off of the locking lever from the connector. Category 8.1 is simply identified by the green colored connectors. The LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) outer sheath ensures the best fire behaviour and low smoke emission.

To the CAT 8.1 cables


In order to be able to transmit 25 or 40 Gigabit, shielded twisted-pair cables are used. Due to the shielding, the cabling is better protected against external electromagnetic interference and against crosstalk between the twisted pairs of wires.

The S/FTP installation cable of category 8 class 2 from DIGITUS® is characterized by its cable construction (AWG22/1) and achieves a transmission frequency of up to 2,000 MHz. The halogen-free cable sheath complies with the standards IEC 60332-3-24, FRNC-C, LSZH-3 and CPR Euroclass Dca. The cable itself is suitable for structured cabling in the secondary and tertiary area according to the standards ISO/IEC 11801, DIN EN 50173 and DIN EN 50288-12-1.

The DIGITUS® CAT 8.1 field termination plug sets new standards for demanding networks. The shielding and its robust metal housing ensure long-lasting and stable connections. The field termination plug is suitable for the installation of cables with solid and stranded conductor components and can be mounted without special tools.

Category 8.1 components are backwards compatible with category 6A cables and the RJ45 connector standard.

To the installation cable To the field termination plugs



CAT 8.I Kabel
Server cabinet


The Category 8.1 copper cabling components of DIGITUS® transmit up to 40 Gigabit per second (24 m) in the Permanent Link over the backbone cabling of the data center. In addition, the copper cabling components transmit 25 Gigabit per second (50 m) in the Permanent Link in accordance with TR 11801 (9909), and thus represent the future-oriented trend for LAN cabling in buildings.

The shielded CAT 8.1 Keystone module with tool-free mounting connection from DIGITUS® convinces with its compact design and performance characteristics up to 2,000 MHz. In combination with a modular patch panel, the module is ideally suited for future-oriented, structured cabling. It has a jack for RJ45 plugs that can withstand a tensile load of 7.7 kg and over 750 mating cycles in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 and IEC 60603-7-81.

To the keystone module






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